Create Space This Week!

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Hey Family!

Sunday we barely skimmed the surface on the topic of soul care and healthy spirituality. If this topic is new to you, don't worry! Although we are unveiling our overarching values in our current series, we will have the opportunity to go slow through these themes as we journey together in the years that follow!

Spiritual growth is not linear, and it's unique and different for every person. If you feel that you need additional resources to understand personal Bible reading, and other spiritual practices, check out our wellness page, or reach out to any of our staff and life group leaders, who will help you.

But we want to encourage you to be thinking about how you might create structure and space in your life for God. Just a few minutes each day, reading and meditating on Scripture, along with some quiet time in nature will do wonders for your soul!

Consider writing down what God speaks to you so that you can reflect on it throughout the day and remember as you fall asleep. May God give us more and more grace and peace as we grow in our knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:2).

Have a blessed week!


P.S. I'm starting a book for school today called, "The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows." If a deeper dive into the subject of "interactive friendship" with Jesus, and ultimately our Triune God interests you, feel free to join me in reading it and send me your thoughts!

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