Thank You

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Hey church family,

Once again, I want to thank you for this opportunity to be Lead Pastor of our church. I am very humbled and do not take this lightly. I am praying that I will be found faithful to fulfill the calling God has for me and our journey together. I hope to lead and love well.

My desire in leadership at this church is to facilitate an environment that nurtures spiritual growth and life change in friendship with Jesus. This is possible, as we said Sunday, because of the Inward Light, who is Christ, as he continuously stirs our hearts to life. This becomes evident as he leads us into community, drawing others to fellowship with him, as well.

This coming Sunday we will talk about how “Christ alone is the power to change lives,” and the following week how “healthy spirituality requires healthy habits.” This is tension Christians often struggle with as they ponder how the gospel and its application flow together in our lives.

I know change can be scary, and feelings of uncertainty are normal in times like these. But know that I care for you, and am committed to your spiritual formation and fulfillment in the life of our church.

Have a blessed week!


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