We Will Respond.


I'll talk more about this Sunday, but I wanted to write you.

A lot is happening in our country right now. And, indeed, our world. Many are fearful, stressed, and worried at times.

But you know, the turmoil isn't going to end. At least not until Jesus comes back. "In this world, you will face tribulation," he said. "But take heart for I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). Life is hard and always will be.

If you want perspective, realize that we live in one of the most peaceful and prosperous times in human history.

But having watched the news and heard your cries, I ponder how we are to respond. How do we react to the fearful, divisive, and shifting times? As the preserving salt and light of the world, how do we, by means of the gospel, pursue a better social order? You may feel heavy-laden when you perceive our great responsibility.

I will talk more about it this Sunday.

But we will respond.

And maybe not in the way you expect.

When Jesus came, John the Baptist was shocked that Jesus didn't respond as everyone anticipated (See Daniel 2:44-45).

Jesus didn't overthrow the idolatrous, polytheist government that was ruled by the iron hand of a pagan ruler. No, he didn't do that, and John questioned if he was indeed the Messiah (Matt 11:3).

Do you know what Jesus' master plan was? It was a genius strategy. And very unexpected. But we'll talk about it Sunday.

Just know this. We, too, will respond, but not how some think we should. We will respond the way that Jesus did because we are followers of The Way.

See you Sunday,


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