Peer Behind the Scenes: 212 Staff Meetings

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Hey Fam!

Today, I am super enthusiastic about what God is doing in our church. I am already hearing great stories of how God is challenging us in our growth.

I was driving to the office this week reflecting on our staff culture, and the five unique types of meetings we have. I want to share these with you, as I feel it will be good for you to know how we are strategically posturing ourselves for personal growth and leadership.

Here are five different types of meetings we have each month.

1. Spiritual Formation

The first Monday of every month is what we call, "Spiritual Formation Monday."

The term "spiritual formation" is new for us, but something we will dive into soon. In fact, one of our upcoming sermon series is called, "Being Formed by God." This series will be a glimpse of next year's annual theme.

Each spiritual formation Monday looks different, but it's a day set aside to focus on our own spiritual health. We may read scripture and talk about it, find a quiet place to practice spiritual disciplines, or reflect on spiritual material for discussion.

At our last meeting, we had thirty minutes of quiet time to read an article on strengthening the soul of our leadership, and practicing the exercise at the bottom. The discussion we had was basically, "What would it look like to lead from a healthy soul?"

You can read that article by clicking here. Next month, we begin the book Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard. Feel free to read it with us and send us your insights. It's real soul work!

2. Business Planning

The second Monday of every month is business planning.

This is where we jump straight to business agenda items. On these days, everyone gives updates about their areas of ministry. Then we strategize how we will better organize our systems and structures for the caring and equipping of souls.

3. Leadership Development

The third Monday of every month is dedicated to the leadership development of our team. Just this week we completed our first leadership book together, The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell. The five levels are as follows:

1) Position: people follow because they have to. 2) Permission: people follow because they want to. 3) Production: people follow because of what you have done for the organization. 4) People Development: people follow because of what you have done for them. 5) Pinnacle: people follow because of who you are and what you represent.

Position is about rights.
Permission is about relationships.
Production is about results.
But People Development and Pinnacle is about the reproduction of leaders. 

It's essential we continually cultivate relationships and achieve results. But most importantly, we must reproduce leaders who lead other leaders. "Leadership Growth" is one of our signposts, and is essential to caring and equipping well.

It takes a long time to reach level four and five, but that's why we have one day set aside every month to grow in this area. Our staff is being stretched right now as we craft a Personal Leadership Game Plan together.

4.  One-on-one Check-ins

Every fourth Monday (and Tuesday) of the month, I have one-on-one check-ins with each pastoral staff member. This is my opportunity to just be with one person at a time, see how they are doing, and reflect on goals we have set together.

Then, once a quarter, I have "Soul-care check-ins" with our staff.

This is where all business is set aside to basically ask one question, "How is it with your soul?" Often times in ministry, it's easy to get burned out with the busyness of work. But we must always remember that being with God, and being formed by him for the sake of others, is our work.

5. Just have fun!

When there's a fifth Monday of the month, we replace staff meeting with just having fun. Last time we played a card game and just enjoyed each other's company.

Having fun together is a part of spiritual formation as well, so it's important this is included. This month's fifth Monday is Memorial Day. So even better, the staff get's to stay home and enjoy their family!

Leading from a Healthy Soul

One line we have reflected upon from Maxwell's book is this, "Leading an organization is as much about souls as it is systems." We have a strong conviction that souls do not exists for our systems or just fill spots. Our systems exist for the caring and equipping of souls.

It's important we strengthen the soul of our leadership so we can lead from that place. We will talk more about this in the upcoming season, but learning to balance three areas of soul health is important: God, self, and others (Matt. 22:36-40).

How can we posture ourselves in a way where we grow in our love for God, care for our own personal wellness, and all for the sake of others? The development of our staff and the growth of our congregation is no doubt a long process.

But if you'll commit to the process with us, you will be glad you did. As we just reflected together this last Monday, "The mark of someone with potential to grow is openness to the process." John Maxwell.

Cheers to the process!

Daniel Harrison
Lead Pastor
Church 212

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