"What good does it do a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"

Matthew 26:16

At our church, we care about your overall wellness.

In fact, we have built this section of the website as the beginning stages of helping you pursue soul health. For now, this page simply contains an assessment with resources for your wellness journey. But we will develop this section more as we journey into the future together.

This year in 2022 soul health has become a new adventure for us. We have forthcoming seasons and series on the subject, so stay connected withs us. However,  you don't have to wait to begin your journey!

Two ways you can begin your wellness journey today. 

First, check out our Wellness Resources page with books you can begin reading. Second, if you'd like to consider what a possible next step in your spiritual journey might be, consider taking our new Thrive Assessment.

Celebrate Recovery

New ministry coming to 212!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Celebrate Recovery ministry coming April 19th. This new ministry is integral to the health and wellness of those under our care. Please stay tuned for more information.

Questions about our approach to wellness?

We would love to clarify our approach toward your health and wellness. Please reach out if you still have questions.