Church 212 cares about your overall wellness. We look forward to many sermon series walking through rhythms for taking care of your soul health. However, below are great resources to help you begin your wellness journey today.

Leadership growth is an important value of ours, and we are talking through how we might best journey with you. We will update this page as we journey together. Check out our blog page here and we’ll keep you informed. 
Books on Wellness
Sacred Rhythms (Ruth Haley Barton)
Crafting a Rule of Life (Stephen Macchia and Mark Buchanan)
Renovation of the Heart (Dallas Willard)
The Good and Beautiful God (James Smith)
Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster)
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (Adele Calhoun)
Emotional Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero)
Anatomy of the Soul (Curt Thompson)
Life without Lack (Dallas Willard)
Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself (Kristen Neff)

Books on Sabbath
The Sabbath (Abraham Heschel)
Sabbath as Resistance (Walter Bruggeman)
Keeping the Sabbath Wholly (Marva Dawn)
The Rest of God (Mark Buchanan)
Sabbath (Dan Allender)