212° Kids

The now generation.

We Partner With Parents

At Church212º,  reaching the next generation for Christ is our primary focus. We do however, feel this job is too big for one group. This is why we strive to partner with parents and bring the heart of the family together with the light of the church to help kids find the purpose, plan, and destiny that Christ has for them.

Here's How

  • Fun, exciting, truth-giving large group time where all of our kids (ages K-5th) come together to be taught the Biblical truth of the day through skits, videos and Bible stories.
  • Passionate, fun, life giving praise and worship, that shows our kids that it’s not just about singing loud, but about living loud!
  • Age specific small groups where kids can interact with small group leaders to be shown through games and activities how the Biblical truth they learned can be applied to their everyday lives.

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