New Building Move In Date

Dear Church 212º Family,

You’ve probably been hearing all the buzz within the church and outside in the community, Church 212 is moving into her new building soon at 36-927 Cook Street Palm Desert, CA 92211. Go ahead and drive by new address so you’ll know where to go for our first service. We have been “kinda vague” because we weren’t sure when things would be ready. We haven’t kept any secrets but we didn’t know for sure based on the city’s occupancy permit.

But our first service at our new Cook Street location is set for Sunday, October 7th at 10:00am.

Come early that day to get your refreshments and look around. We will start this amazing first service promptly (as always) at 10 o’clock. We said we haven’t kept secrets but this news hasn’t been yet broadcast to the whole community. You may even ask “why haven’t we been advertising?” Well, first we did not have specific dates to post until this week. Second, we want to have a “soft” opening first with our church members and their family friends.

BUT, we will have the month of October with those who have only heard by word of mouth – hopefully yours! But we will start an advertisement campaign soon for our Grand Opening festivities set for Sunday, November 4th. On that date we hope to begin with two services: 9:00 & 11:00am. Would you please give us your feedback on which service you think you would prefer to attend starting in November? Your responses would help us tremendously with our service planning. We’ve kept silent ONLY because we didn’t have all the facts. As facts continue to be confirmed we will shout the good news from the rooftops.

This October 7th first service ISN’T a secret – please invite YOUR family & friends to attend anytime in October & beyond. But come November, the whole Coachella Valley will know so this is your chance to tell “our little secret”!

Thanks for making Church 212 so special. You are such a vital part of “restoring people by the love of God, igniting passion through authentic worship, and revealing God’s purpose to our generation through the message of reconciliation.”

Here we GROW again!

Pastor Mike Harrison

About The Author

Daniel Harrison

I am the worship pastor of Church 212. I am proud to serve my Father as our senior pastor and the people of our congregation. I believe that a healthy church is a community and a family. I am married to Heather, have a son named Heshmon, and a daughter named Noah. Reach out and say hi!

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