Weekend Prayer Conference

Our country is faced with some very dark times with terrorist attacks, civil liberty abuses, and attacks that Christian groups are facing everyday and a decline in morality that has not been seen in our country for a very long time. America is under attack from threats of others nations; to threats from within, including our families there is only one answer.

We must pray!

John Wesley said, “It seems that God will do nothing unless man ask him to.” Prayer is the one thing that can change things and yet remains one of the most neglected disciplines of the church today. Many don’t know exactly how to pray. Others don’t feel qualified to pray.

Join us November 30 through Dec 2nd at Synergy School of Ministry in cooperation with Church 212 as we have a weekend prayer conference. We will learn how to pray biblically, and how to effectively join with other people in different types of prayer according to the gospels. This event will be Thursday and Friday from 6-9 PM and Saturday from 9 Am till Noon.

Stephanie Harrison and others will be leading this conference at Shadow Rock Church. Get ready for an event that will make an impact in your life and community. Invite others – Synergy is offering this as a free course to our community.

Register online at SynergySchools.com/register

Stephanie Harrison
Executive Pastor

About The Author

Daniel Harrison

I am the worship pastor of Church 212. I am proud to serve my Father as our senior pastor and the people of our congregation. I believe that a healthy church is a community and a family. I am married to Heather, have a son named Heshmon, and a daughter named Noah. Reach out and say hi!

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