Photos & Info On Our New Soon-To-Be Church Building

Hey Church 212° family,

We’ve signed lease on a potential home for Church 212° at 36-927 Cook St. Palm Desert (see photos below). In this post we wanted to give you a few basic details about the building and what to expect.

The building is on Cook St. not far off Interstate 10. It’s located in the Coldstone parking lot which is also catty-cornered from CSUSB College.

We use the phrase, “we’re engaged” because we prayerfully await our required Conditional Use Permit from the City of Palm Desert before we can say, “we’re married!” Please be praying for this important tool – a building – to open up so the message of God’s love can reach more people. “Church 212°: restoring people; igniting passion; revealing God’s purpose.”

Everything seems to be green lights. If all goes well with the City, we should be in our building anywhere between February and April 1st (Easter). This 7 to 9 month process includes 3 months of city approval, 4 months of building, and 2 months of any delay can happen.

Either way, we are excited that God is moving us forward with the tools we need to accomplish his mission.

Enjoy the photos!

Daniel Harrison
Worship Pastor
Church 212

About The Author

Daniel Harrison

I am the worship pastor of Church 212. I am proud to serve my Father as our senior pastor and the people of our congregation. I believe that a healthy church is a community and a family. I am married to Heather, have a son named Heshmon, and a daughter named Noah. Reach out and say hi!

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