Don’t Do What I Did!

For so long I was uncomfortable to host groups in our home.  It was my own insecurity, lack of confidence and feeling like I didn’t measure up in some way to the unwritten rules of a ‘good hostess’.  I served on my everyday dishes; I did not build upon a theme; I was apt on most occasions to have some clutter; the list could go on.  Don’t get me wrong we DID have some people over, but only those with whom I was most comfortable.

Our home was older and we had done many repairs; it was comfortable, but small, the neighborhood had declined over the years and my husband worked horrendous hours and lived a sleep-deprived life, so weekend ‘honey-do’ projects just wasn’t happening!

This is OKAY – Do THIS!

STOP looking at what you don’t have and see what the Lord has given you!  Be grateful and use what you have, exercise your gifts, follow your heart!  By God’s grace, I purposed to be thankful for our home, use it for His glory, practice hospitality, and fling open the doors.

We were in a new small group and it was decided to rotate homes for our gatherings.  I think one member was trying to make it easy for me and asked, “Is there anyone who is not comfortable having group in their home?”  Silence.  I spoke up and expressed my willingness to host, along with a disclaimer that it might be crowded and not to expect beautiful spreads at the table.  (By the way, by now I had already been inviting folks over whose tax bracket was much higher than ours and realized, ‘they’re just people’ like us.)

Full House!

Continuing this small group story . . . not long after we agreed to host along with everyone else, God opened the door to put our older home on the market – it sold faster than we could turn around!  By the third day, without a sign out front, we were signing final papers! It actually went into a bidding war and we received MORE than asking price.  We purchased a one year old home. When our first opportunity to host our friends rolled around, we were in a beautiful new home with furnishings and decor that only God could have supplied.

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense.  Through knowledge its rooms are filled with all sorts of precious riches and valuables. Prov. 24: 2,3

The wisdom of God sees the deep riches of friendship and community.  Our home is full of precious and valuable treasures.  They all have names . . . (that’s another subject; I love meaning of names).

I’m still very simple, down to earth, everyday dishes, at times paper plates; I just put it on the table, and guess what?  They come and get it.  Last night we had a different small group — friends ate together, helped in the kitchen, chipped in with chopping and spreading; and we shared our struggles, pain, victories, good reports, looked into the Word of God and prayed for each other.  I pray people went home knowing they were connected and loved.

Have an open heart, a desire to reach out, open your doors; there are too many people out there who need to be loved and cared for.  Here’s a link to a wonderful teaching and encouragement about THE POWER OF THE LIVING ROOM.  By the time I heard this, I’d put homemade strawberry preserves, Skippy Peanut Butter, and Dave’s Killer bread on the table for our group and told everyone to make their own sandwich however they liked it. Peanut butter on one slice, or both?  🙂

Deborah Anderson
Prayer Ministry

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Deborah Anderson

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and now a great grandmother. I worked as a Judicial Secretary for a time but I'm now retired and I am part of a loving and passionate church, Church 212! I head up the Prayer Team and volunteer and take part in the life of this body of believers. I love to encourage and strengthen those who may be having a difficult time.

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