Stephanie Harrison | Executive Pastor

What is your position/responsibility at Church212º?
I am Co-pastor at Church212º with my husband, Mike Harrison. I also lead our Growth Track team in recruiting, training, and mobilizing people to serve the Lord. I lead the leaders of the Prayer, Communion, Accounting and Drama teams.

What is your vision/goal for this role?
My vision is to ignite the passion in others to find out why God has called them and how to use the gifts and talents He has given.

How & when did you first come to Church212º?
I started with the church in the very beginning. Day One. Inception. Helping to set the motion the direction of a new church.

What is something you find unique and appreciate about Church212º?
Every Sunday at 212º, I anticipate true worship and a dynamic message straight from God’s Word. A message of life and hope. It’s like pulling up to a filling station to get gas. We come in and get filled up then we go out and share what God has done to us, keeping in mind that now He wants to pour out of us into others.

Where are you from?
I am from Birmingham, Alabama.

Tell us about your family members. Feel free to use adjectives.
We have a great family, all gifted by God in a unique way. My husband, Mike, is a great teacher of the Word, awesome leader to pastors, and an awesome visionary.

My son, Chris, is a dynamic evangelist, pastor, and apostle, equipping others to start a new work, meeting the needs of the community, establishing a foundation and training others to find their place in ministry. Chris’s wife and girls have a passion to serve God and love people.

My daughter, Leah, is a true pastor and leader. She’s got the gift of counselor, teacher, and trainer and enjoys loving God’s people. She draws people like a magnet. Her son, Isaiah, is a godly young man, hungry to serve the Lord and has a heart of compassion. He loves to have fun. People love his heart. Leah’s daughter, Audrey, is a sweet, caring, and compassionate young lady that will grow into a great administrator.

My daughter, Elisha, is an administrator and counselor. She is confidential and a great listener. She is gifted to discern and uses wisdom in her sharing. She is very trustworthy and skilled in leading others.

My son, Daniel, is a gifted pastor, teacher, and administrator who is passionate about the local church and the world. He loves helping others find their place in the ministry. He’s compassionate about discipleship and he loves learning. He loves to worship God and teach others how to worship by leading them into worship. Daniel’s wife, Heather, is a dynamic teacher and counselor. She is awesome at mentoring young ladies. She’s a listener and the most caring pastor. She is a true friend that cares about the real you. She is a woman of prayer and committed to her family.

Please provide a short testimony about your relationship with Christ?
My relationship with Christ started at a young age. I remember starting my prayer life in the swings at the age of six. I would pray and mediate on the godly things. I grew up in church, developing a prayer life at an early age and growing in His grace and knowledge. I have always served Him and always been connected. I’ve never once felt estranged from Him. He’s been my rock and my Zoe salvation.

Along with redemption, what principle or promise or verse from the Bible has had the most transformative effect on your life?
The entire chapter of John 4. It rocked my world. I found myself in every verse. I learned to continue to sow the Word into my stoney, hardened heart and eventually, His Word dug up the bad roots. I became seeded with His Word, which produced great fruit. Matthew 12 says that a tree will be good and its fruit good or the tree will be bad and its fruit bad. So, I decide to make the tree good by allowing His Word to lead my life.

What is the best place you have ever visited?
Rome, Italy. I walked the streets and visited the prisons where Paul and Peter spent a lot of their time. I was so touched by the history.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Actually, right where I am. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I would love for my entire family to be here in California with me, but I realize each family member must follow God’s dream for their own lives.

Name a food you can’t wait to eat in heaven without guilt or consequence.
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate…with Chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup. I would love to enter heaven through a chocolate door into a chocolate room where the table is chocolate, chairs are chocolate and the table is set with chocolate dishes filled with chocolate goodies. I would love to have chocolate roses from the Father in a beautiful chocolate vase that only He can create. I would love to sit down and cry because God knew the pleasure it would bring. I would be so overwhelmed and at awe of His thoughtfulness and this guilt-free day of chocolate. I would not have the words to say thank you.

These are a few of my favorite things…
Chocolate, family time, teaching, special talks with my family and friends, loving people, romantic movies, places that make me feel nostalgic, when my children reach out to me for advice and when they show they care - not only to me, but to others also.

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