Mike & Stephanie Harrison, founding pastors at Church212°, began their journey together in 1975 when Mike asked Stephanie, "What do you think of marrying a minister?" She said yes and they were married that same year. They have served side-by-side in ministry since that time. The Lord used them to help a friend start a new church in 1977. Growing up in Alabama, they spent many years serving in ministry and raising their four children. They wrote the vision for a world missions church that would reach both the community and the world.

Everywhere they've gone, this vision has been at work. In 1998, Mike starting traveling to California as a Bible College Professor. He believed the West Coast was very strategic in God's Plan to reach people for Christ and sensed the Lord's calling to move the family from Alabama to California. They moved in January 2006 and on August 3, 2008, Church212° was born. The church has grown exponentially since it's inception; miraculously, it has not only been a force for God in the Coachella Valley, but a world missions outreach.

Two of their four children and three of their seven grandchildren serve in the Valley with them at Church212°. The entire pastoral staff, along with many of our members, were founding members of the church. The Lord is using them all in very special ways to advance his Kingdom. As the church evaluates its effectiveness, we can confirm people's lives have been restored. The Lord has awakened and in some cases re-awakened passion for a life of worship. God has revealed to many people their life's purpose and they are joyfully walking it out. Church212° invites you to be a part of a life-giving church that is dedicated to helping you live out your life's purpose in a real, authentic way. You, too, can be a part of our history. History - when His story meets your story and changes the end of the story.

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